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Blue-billed duck


The blue-billed duck (Oxyura australis) is a small Australian stiff-tailed duck, with both the male and female growing to a length of 40 cm (16 in). The male has a ...

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Learn how to identify Ruddy Duck, its life history, cool facts, sounds and calls, and ... Breeding males are almost cartoonishly bold, with a sky-blue bill, shining ...

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Bluewings are pint-sized ducks with chalky-blue shoulder patches on the front of the wing. The bill is relatively large. Males are grayish above, tan spotted with ...

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Ring-necked Duck has a white band near the tip of the bill and a white ring near the base of ... The Tufted Duck has a tuft on its head, yellow eyes, blue-gray bill.

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The New Zealand blue-billed duck was the only member of this widespread genus in New Zealand. Almost nothing is known about the species because it ...

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Distribution and Habitat. Map showing the Australian distribution of the Blue- billed duck. The Blue-billed Duck inhabits deep, permanent, well-vegetated swamps ...

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The Blue-billed Duck is rarely seen because they not only spend a lot of time underwater, but also because they are very shy. Description. The male Blue- billed ...

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Oxyura australis - Érismature australe. Birds · Anseriformes · Anatidae · Fiche French version. Geographic range. Pictures ...

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Blue-billed Duck. Oxyura australis. Description and Distribution. The Blue-billed Duck Oxyura australis, also called. Stiff-tail or Diving Duck, is a small, compact ...

Blue-billed Duck (Oxyura australis) | HBW Alive


Blue-billed Duck 35-44 cm#R; male 610-965 g#R, female 476-1300 g; wingspan 60 cm. In Australia, only likely to be confused with substantially larger and ...

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The Blue-billed Duck is a compact diving duck with males having a large scooped bright, light blue bill. Males have a rich deep chestnut plumage overall except ...

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Justification This species has a moderately small population and is therefore classed as Near Threatened. It faces a number of threats and the population may  ...

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Blue-billed Duck Oxyura australis. Anseriforme Order – Anatidae Family. BIOMETRICS: Length: 35-44 cm. Wingspan: 60 cm. Weight: M: 850 g; F : 810 g.