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How to Train Blue & Gold Macaws
The blue and gold macaw or blue and yellow macaw is a large-sized member of the intelligent, colorful parrot family, with a lifespan that can reach over 50 years. Native to the Central and South American rain forests where their bright plumage is... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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Blue-and-yellow macaw


The blue-and-yellow macaw (Ara ararauna), also known as the blue-and-gold macaw, is a large South American parrot with blue top parts and yellow under ...

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Blue & Gold or Blue & Yellow Macaws (Ara ararauna): Information and Photos.

Blue-And-Gold Macaw Birds


Traits: The well-known blue-and-gold macaw enjoys plenty of attention, head scratching and cuddling, but also likes to play and chew, so provide it colorful hard ...

Those who own Blue and Gold Macaws should provide a minimum of 2-3 hours of playtime outside of the cage each day so that they birds can stretch and exercise their muscles. Strong toys are a must, as the Blue and Gold's beak is known to be destructive. Their sociabili... More »
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Oct 26, 2013 ... Meet Camaro! Our 21 Year Old Blue & Gold Macaw ... Introducing Rachel the Blue and Gold Macaw in 4K - Duration: 7:39. Parrot Wizard ...

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Blue and Gold Macaw Ara ararauna, bird guide for the Blue and Yellow Macaw, Macaw information and pictures, pet bird care and facts about the Bolivian Blue ...

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Blue-and-gold macaws are native to South and Central America, where they inhabit forests and woodlands. Their range includes Venezuela south to Peru, ...

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blue-and-gold & green-winged macaw Macaws are known as the giants of the parrot world, and the hyacinth macaw is the longest parrot, with a head to tail ...

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Facts about training Blue and Gold Macaws to stop biting, screaming, and feather plucking.

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Q: What is a blue and Gold Macaw?
A: It is a large parrot that blue and gold feathers with a small green cap just above the beak. You can see several pictures of one here: http://www.flickr.com/pho... Read More »
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Q: Is a refrigeratorharmful to a Blue and Gold Macaw?
A: Yes because the temp is to cold for them but my blue and gold likes to steal stuff out of there when I'm looking for a drink. Read More »
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Q: Blue and gold macaw?
A: YES! Macaws are usually $1000-$2000 and the cages are also VERY expensive-you can't find one for under $350 easily. The macaw being friendly is worth its weight... Read More »
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Q: Parrots. /. blue and gold macaws.
A: Hi, Connor.  Thanks for posting your question.  Congratulations.blue and golds are wonderful birds. To answer your question, yes.  Wild birds carry many disease... Read More »
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Q: Parrots. /. blue and gold macaw.
A: One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to their parrots is thinking of them like a dog or cat.  Parrots are actually much more intelligent than t... Read More »
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