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... based on archaeological evidence, believes that the Buddha died in Kushinagar, ...

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May 15, 2001 ... During Wesak Day, we are informed that it is also the day Buddha attained Parinibbana. But not many know how the Buddha died. Ancient texts ...

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According to the various traditions of Buddhism, there have been buddhas in the .... Lives of the Buddha that trace events from his birth to his death appeared in ...

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Gautama Buddha died in 483 BC aged 80 years in the city of Kusinara (present day Kushinagar). He is said to have died due to natural causes, most probably ...

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Introductory Note. Siddhartha Gautama, known as Buddha, the "Awakened," was the son of the ruler of Cakya-land, a region lying to the northeast of Oude, ...

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P.343 Anyone who is known to take an interest in the history of Buddhism is bound to be asked from time to time whether it is true that Buddha died of eating ...

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The Life of Buddha. Gautama Buddha, the historical Buddha, lived between 563 and 483 BC in the area .... Before the Buddha's death, he became severely sick.

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Kushinigar is much less visited than either Bodh Gaya or Sarnath As such one will find far fewer hotels, restaurants, and services to the pilgrim. That, however, is  ...

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Apr 29, 2009 ... The Buddha is shown here leaving Cunda's the Blacksmith's house. He eventually walked a great distance to Kusinara (modern Kushinagar, ...

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Jun 30, 2010 ... It was there that Chunda served the Buddha his last meal. .... The Buddha faced his death with great peace of mind, dignity, and acceptance.

Buddha died of possible food poisoning on c. 483 B.C.
Buddha ("the awakened") was the title given to Siddhartha Gautama, the son of a Nepalese rajah. According to tradition, Guatama left a life of luxury at age 30 and devoted himself to years of contemplation and self-denial, finally reaching enli... More>>