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"Revelations" is the seventh episode of season three of the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was written by Doug Petrie, directed by James A. Contner, and first broadcast on No...

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November 9 at 8:22am ·. Wow! What a wonderful opening weekend we had here at Miss Buffy's. Thank you so much to all of our customers and supporters.

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Action ... Ms. Barton ... Buffy lies to everyone so she can visit Angel, who is nearly normal again, just weak. Giles and ... 10 November 1998 (USA) See more » ...

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Sundays in October through November 1st, at 2pm in AUX | Free screenings and ... be recorded for a podcast to air midweek, so if you have to miss a Sunday, ...

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Dave Wilton, Friday, November 01, 2002. (This is part two of a two-part .... Buffy describes a failure as a swing and a miss, a reference to baseball commentary.

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ms buffy · @littlemsbuffy. Don't be fooled by the unicorn .. is it wine o'clock yet? Joined November 2016 .... 4:33 AM - 21 Nov 2016. 12 replies 179 retweets 234 ...

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A review by MikeJer of the fourth episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. ... Posted on October 13, 2005 / Last Updated on November 13, 2014 .... WILLOW:If Miss French is responsible for- Xander's supposed to be helping her right now! He's got ...

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Nov 22, 2016 ... November 17 2016. (SPOILER) Buffy Season 11 #1 preview pages. Some new preview pages for Buffy # 1 which is out next week. ... I personally don't ship Buffy with anyone (anymore), but I kind of miss the old snarky, ...

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Buffy (about Glory): "So any breakthrough on the identity of Miss ... events take place on or near the airdate, Tara's birthdate is on or near November 7, 1980.

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Sundays in October through November 1st, at 2pm in AUX | Free screenings and ... be recorded for a podcast to air midweek, so if you have to miss a Sunday, ...

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November 25 at 9:21am ·. Happy Black Friday to everyone! It has already been a busy morning here, I am just now having a break to catch my breath! Miss Buffy ...

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Sep 17, 2016 ... The thing you love: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV 1997-2003) ... If you miss the creepy feeling on the back of your neck when all your hairs stand ...

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It originally broadcast on November 12, 2002. ... While on patrol, Buffy comes across a newly-risen vampire, and after the two fight for a .... I miss my enemies.