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Earwig - Wikipedia


Earwigs make up the insect order Dermaptera and are found on all continents except Antarctica. With about 2,000 species in 12 families, they are one of the smaller insect orders. Earwigs have charac...

Orkin - Insect Identification Guide


tan with yellowish-white lines; orange head; ... DIET: Adults do not feed; larvae feed on insect larvae, ...... three inches long; eight legs, a pair of large pinchers.

North American Beetle Insects - Insect Identification


Beetles are amazing creatures that are easily recognized by their shell-like exteriors. The Coleoptera order is represented in 25,000 different known examples ...

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Or do you just want to learn some bug trivial? Well, grab your investigation gear and check out our FREAKY BUG IDENTIFIER! If it has an ... pinchers 1 plump 1

Earwig: Control, Facts & Habitat | Western Exterminator


If 'earwig' doesn't sound odd enough, it's also known as the 'Pincher Bug' thanks to a huge pair of pinchers - on its butt. Its body is long and flat, and has two sets ...

Common Pests aka: The Bug Identifier - Sunland Home Inspection


Information on common insects and pests. ... The reddish color is predominant on their head, thorax and abdomen. Workers vary in size .... They have yellowish- brown appendages, eight legs, two to twelve eyes, and a large pair of pinchers.

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Use our bug identification pictures to help identify common bugs & pests you may ... They appear as half-spheres and have a round or oval shaped body and black head. .... Earwigs are most readily recognized by the pincers at the end of the ...

black pinchers (description only) termite scare - BugGuide.Net


Jul 6, 2005 ... I saw an insect in my house (michigan, we've been having humid days) ... is the prominant and formidable black pinchers it had on it's head.

Insect identification sheet - Lewisham


To enable you to identify the insect you have in your home, ... head. Wings. Very long antennae. Young are smaller versions of the adult, .... pincers to the rear.

Beetles - Coleoptera Photo Gallery by Tom Murray at pbase.com


I found small black bugs that look like they have pinchers on them in my laundry room in a .... The head was a metallic green to yellow depending on the light.