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Byzantine art is the name for the artistic products of the Eastern Roman ( Byzantine) Empire, as ..... were characterized by a less austere attitude, new appreciation for purely decorative qualities ...

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Byzantine Art (c.500-1450): Types of Orthodox Christian Arts (Mosaics, Icons and ... History, Characteristics: Christian Mosaics, Icons of Constantinople.

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Byzantine art, architecture, paintings, and other visual arts produced in the ... by the characteristic use of a gold background which, in pictures of isolated figures,  ...

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Byzantine Art. or what happened before the start of class. STYLE ARTISTS and IMAGES VOCAB. STYLE. formal, severe, abstract, otherworldly; balanced ...

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The Byzantine Empire near its peak under the Emperor Justinian, c. 550 C.E.. To speak of “Byzantine Art” is a bit problematic, since the Byzantine empire and its ...

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All of Byzantine art is filled with a kind of spiritual symbolism--things on earth are meant to stand for the order of heaven. Another characteristic of the art of this ...

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The emperor renamed this ancient port city Constantinople (“the city of Constantine”) in his own honor.”

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Generally speaking, the main characteristics of Byzantine art include a departure from classical art forms that were highly realistic in nature. Byzantine artists ...

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The mosaic art lived on particularly as wall decoration . In this way it was ... In the 6th. century , the stylistic characteristics of Byzantine art are clearly marked .

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Byzantine art and architecture, works of art and structures works produced in the city of Byzantium after Constantine made it the capital of the Roman Empire ...

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Byzantine art is almost entirely concerned with religious expression. Specifically, Byzantine artists want to translate church theology into artistic terms.

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This lesson covers Byzantine art and explains the difficulties of imposing artistic periods. Justinian is introduced as the man behind the...

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One of the most profound Byzantine art characteristics was the translation of church theology into artistic forms such ...