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Byzantine art is the name for the artistic products of the Eastern Roman ( Byzantine) Empire, as .... Christian mosaic art flourished in this area from the 4th century onwards. The tradition of makin...

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Sculpture in the round, the preferred medium for images of pagan deities, disappeared in Byzantium and was replaced by its aesthetic opposite: mosaic.

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This lesson covers Byzantine art and explains the difficulties of imposing artistic periods. Justinian is introduced as the man behind the...

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Dec 6, 2007 ... Byzantine art, architecture, paintings, and other visual arts produced in the ... painting and mosaic, was important in spreading Byzantine style ...

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To speak of “Byzantine Art” is a bit problematic, since the Byzantine empire and its ... Decorations for the interior of churches, including icons and mosaics, were ...

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The use of mosaics in Greek and Roman design was reserved for placement in the floor. Byzantine artists continued this precedent but also went further and ...

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Byzantine art is almost entirely concerned with religious expression. ... Byzantine art is known for its beautiful mosaics and the sophistication of style in its ...

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Byzantine Art Mosaic Byzantine achievements in mosaic decoration brought this art to an unprecedented level of monumentality and expressive power.

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Learn the Byzantine period of art history with Grolier Online and Scholastic ART. ... There is a famous mosaic picture of the great emperor in the church of San ...

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A unit on Byzantine art allows for an engaging examination of the ... and visual opulence in Byzantine art and the increased popularity of the mosaic medium.

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Fragment of a Floor Mosaic with a Personification of Ktisis ... The first golden age of the empire, the Early Byzantine period, extends from the founding of the new ...

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Established in Constantinople, the Byzantine style eventually ... Mosaic art and beautifully grained marble cover ...

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The Byzantine empire had inherited a strong tradition of making mosaics. Earlier variants of this kind of art flourished in ...