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The Cha Cha is a popular ballroom dance, similar in style to the rumba and the mambo. Its popularity is due in large part to the dance's wide application and versatility. This is a party dance and the music should be happy and carefree. Cha Cha music is... More »
Difficulty: Easy

Cha-cha-cha (music)

As a dance music genre, cha-cha-chá is unusual in that its creation can be attributed to a single composer, Enrique Jorrín, then violinist and songwriter with the ... CHA Music&v=XOW_XXHyIJw
Oct 27, 2011 ... H Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago · Shared to Relax MUSIC ... Non Stop Chacha ( Ballroom Dancing) here we go does anybody want s to ... CHA Music&v=k4M_Yh5PJrw
Sep 11, 2011 ... my favorite cha cha songs. ... Best Ballroom Music 3 months ago (edited) ... a lot of good songs but some are srsly not for cha cha (i'm dacing ...
When I first saw the title of this song, "Cha Cha," a little birdie told me that this would be fun song to check out, especially with the heat index of Summer on the rise. Fortunately, Chelo's vocals and old skool cha-cha horns mixed with a modern rhythm makes for full... More »
By Mike Stier, Guide CHA Music&v=oB_7t5Z2LAE
Apr 13, 2014 ... I will now be doing music for those who want to practise.

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Latin Music 5. 124 BPM. 106102. Move It Like This. Schonmer, Flowers, Taylor, Chea, Prosper · Latin Music 5. 124 BPM. 106104. The Game of Love.

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Popular Q&A
Q: Description of cha cha music?
A: Music tempo for the Cha Cha typically ranges from 110 to 130 beats per minute. If you are just beginning to learn the Cha Cha, you will want to keep the music o... Read More »
Q: Where can you find cha cha music?
A: It's not a massive list but there are some suitable tracks here . Read More »
Q: About cha-cha music?
A: Cha Cha dance music ~ information and examples! Cha cha music can be found in all music genres—from beach music, to hip hop, to rock and roll. The music tempo i... Read More »
Q: Where can someone listen to cha cha music online?
A: One may listen to cha cha music online from a variety of sources. The most recommended source is YouTube due to it's many cha cha songs and the fact that music ... Read More »
Q: Cha cha cha music for gym classs?
A: The song you might like is "Smooth" with Santana. Here's the instrumental:…. Read More »