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I was wondering if declawed cats can live outside? or would it be better to put a cat down instead? one of my new cats goes to the bathroom all ...

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When a cat spends any time outside at all, it is vital for him to have all of his claws ... When a cat can't protect himself using his front claws, he may turn to another ...

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Cat urine can destroy your home much faster and more thoroughly than claws ever would. The most common complaint from owners of declawed cats is litter box ... If making the cat live outside stops “working,” and if the cat continues to pee ...

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Cats that have their front claws declawed are not defenseless, and ... vet or tech who claimed de-clawed cats can protect themselves outside .... That's nice to know that vets are no longer suggesting de-clawing where you live.

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Fortunately she did survive. ... No way am I having an outside cat declawed so I was stuck with the situation for ... I can well assure you that they can climb trees.

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May 18, 2011 ... Is it safe for a cat with no claws in front to go outside? ... That aside, I am not a vet, but can tell you a vet will tell you that a declawed cat cannot be an ... I live in a simple middle class neighborhood, with no large wandering ...

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Jan 5, 1997 ... Q--Can a declawed (front paws only) cat survive outdoors? I have a friend whose declawed cat climbs trees and chases lizards. I'd feel secure ...

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Many people think that declawed cats are safer around babies, but in fact, ... Nails can grow back inside the paw, causing extreme pain that you can't see. ... Without claws, even house-trained cats might start “doing their business” outside the ...

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Conversely, outdoor-only cats survive for an average of two years in that situation . ... can harbor diseases spread by stray, unvaccinated cats for many months.

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It is a certainty that domestic cats can survive just fine the wild. ... A barn cat being kept outdoors to control pests is going to have a much easier transition ..... My ex- had a declawed cat that had never spent a day out of doors.

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Q: Can a declawed cat survive outside?
A: Cats who have been declawed "Can" survive outside, but it is more likely that they will not! Cats who are declawed often have a heightened "Flight or Fight" res... Read More »
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Q: Can a declawed cat survive outside?
A: i adopted a cat that had his front claws removed, and he was in BAD shape--half an ear was missing, he had scars all over his face, an abcess from an injury on ... Read More »
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Q: Can a declawed cat survive outside.
A: Perhaps it could, if it is a very lucky cat. But its chances of survival are not good. A cat's instincts are very good, and if they got into the woods, it may c... Read More »
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Q: Can a cat still live outside if it is declawed?
A: A declawed cat can live outside, but without claws a cat has lost an important part of its defense system and should stay Read More »
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Q: Can cats survive outside at night?
A: A domesticated cat can survive outdoors, however they are more prone to certain dan... Read More »
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