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Jul 3, 2009 ... I have a small pond (100+/-gals) with small 'feeder fish' and a couple ... you are in , which may give a clue to what could be eating your fish. ... Don't get me wrong, I like cats, but not in my flower beds, near my pond or bird feeders. ... are impossible to resist and they can't dive like comets or koi ...

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I have an outdoor pond in South Florida (about 3,000 gallons) and recently I ... I just can't get my head around a raccoon being able to swim into the pond, ... < You don't say how big your pond is, so I'm not able to offer any concrete suggestions. .... Hi, I have a predator that is taking fish out of the pond, but not e...

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Apr 3, 2015 ... No matter where you live, a pond will attract lots of wildlife to your backyard. ... most will eat the frogs, and some may hunt fish, but to be honest, we rarely ... may be seen drinking from time to time, including possum, skunk or even raccoons. The raccoons may get labeled a predator by some, but I think they ...

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Oct 17, 2014 ... Opossums ... Only a rare cat will get into your pond but they will often fish by the edge. ... My outdoor cat has fallen in the pond a few times while walking ... pond ( which I have not heard of), they can eat lily and lotus tubers.

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A good rule of thumb is one inch of fish for each ten gallons of water. ... Koi can and will knock over and eat lilies and marginal plants, usually when they are ... Get one that is rated for the volume of your pond and the gallons-per-hour of your pump. ... If you see a snake, raccoon, possum, deer or anything else, it was in your ...

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garbage cans, protect ornamental fish ponds with netting, and secure all ... Opossums will raid your garbage can and eat from outdoor pet bowls. Opossums also climb trees and fences and if an opening presents itself, they can get inside your.

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Feb 21, 2014 ... We have a pond outside with goldfish and we have some chickenwire ... are known to shelter in ponds and some bigger water dragons will eat fish. ... I do agree it would be odd for a possum to get fish out of water. ... Chicken wire over the top of the pond, although not so pretty to look at, will protect your fish.

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Because of its body shape, a small opossum is sometimes mistaken for a large rat. .... If the opossum appears sick or injured, call a wildlife rehabilitator or your local wildlife .... Opossums will eat poultry and their eggs if they can get to them.

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Although not great hunters, raccoons can catch young gophers, squirrels, mice, and rats. .... If you must feed your pets outside, do so in late morning or at midday  ...

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reptile or fish for dinner. They hunt at night, and will often carry the entire turtle away to eat elsewhere, so if you have many ... electric fencing around your water turtle pond and take your tortoises ... Opossums The American Opossum can also be a danger to your turtles. ... turtle away, if they can get to the turtle they will che...

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Herons, Raccoons & Other Predators Want Your Fish! Great Blue Heron Trying to Catch Goldfish in a Pond. ... Keep herons from eating your pond fish. One of ... Leaf netting may detract from the beauty of a pond, but so can disappearing fish.

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... opossums, muskrats, beavers, otters, foxes, or even bears may eat your fish. Though deer will not eat your fish, they might take a break from your garden to ... Unchecked, they can wipe out a pond of Koi in a couple of hours. ... For optimum effect, they need to be moved about frequently so that predators don't catch on.

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How big can an opossum get? ... Fish have been disappearing from my pond. ... If you see an opossum eating your fish, most likely it came across the .... leave the door open awhile, perhaps with some cat food just outside the threshold, and ...

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Don't let your beloved Koi, and goldfish fall victim to your local Pond Predator. There are a variety of different things you can do to protect your pond fish from predation. ... green herons, egrets, the opossum and sadly enough, sometimes humans. ... Other methods to deter the feathered fish eating pond predators include ...

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So you just finished installing your new backyard pond, and now you want to add some ... When calculating how many fish you can get, the current rule for indoor ... or so to replace that snail stolen in the night, but opossums have to eat, too.