Terrestrial life was well established by the Carboniferous period. ... The Carboniferous was a time of active mountain-building, as the supercontinent Pangaea ...

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The Carboniferous Period is famous for its vast swamp forests, such as the one ... major biological, geological, and climatic events occurred during this time.

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Learn about Earth's Carboniferous period and get information, facts, and more about prehistoric life from National ... In time, the earliest reptiles appeared.

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Oct 22, 2013 ... ... the Devonian Period and preceding the Permian Period. In terms of absolute time, the Carboniferous Period began approximately 358.9...
The global climate of the Carboniferous period was intimately linked with its geography. This had a pronounced effect on air and water circulation patterns, with the result that a large portion of southern Pangea wound up covered by glaciers, and there was a general gl... More »
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A carboniferous forest during the Carboniferous period with club mosses, ferns and ... Fossil trees tell of a time when Britain was covered in tropical rainforest.

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The Carboniferous Period of the Paleozoic Era began 354 million years ago. It lasted for about ... More of the land was exposed to the air at this time. Both plants  ...

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An intro to the Carboniferous Period, includes a review of each of the geological sub-divisions and the various forms of life that lived during this time.

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The Pennsylvanian Epoch of the Carboniferous Period: 318 to 299 Mya ... The Pennsylvanian was the time of the great 'Coal Swamp Forests' which dominated  ...

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Carboniferous Period. ... The frogs evolved to eat insects, because that was the only kind of land animal there was at this time. But by about 310 million ...

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