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The Carboniferous is a geologic period and system that spans 60 million years from the end of .... In the same time frame, much of present eastern Eurasian plate welded itself to Europe along the line of the Ural mountains. Most of the Mesozoic ...


The Carboniferous Period lasted from about 359.2 to 299 million years ago* during ... major biological, geological, and climatic events occurred during this time.


Learn about Earth's Carboniferous period and prehistoric life.


Carboniferous Period: fifth interval of the Paleozoic Era, succeeding the Devonian Period and preceding the Permian Period. In terms of absolute time, the ...


Carboniferous period (kärbənĬf´ərəs), fifth period of the Paleozoic era of geologic time (see Geologic Timescale, table), from 350 to 290 million years ago.


A carboniferous forest during the Carboniferous period with club mosses, ferns and ... Fossil trees tell of a time when Britain was covered in tropical rainforest.


A third mountain chain rose up in the Rocky Mountains at this time, but it's ... The end of the Carboniferous period was about 290 million years ago, when the ...


The Carboniferous, known as the Age of Plants, makes up about 1.6 percent of geologic time. - The Period is divided into the sub-periods of the Mississippian ...


Geologic Time Scales ... Carboniferous Period. Dating from 360-286mya, the Carboniferous Period began after the second major extinction of life on Earth.


The Carboniferous Period of the Paleozoic Era began 354 million years ago. It lasted for about ... More of the land was exposed to the air at this time. Both plants  ...