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Reported cases of stigmata take various forms. ... The blood from the wounds is said, in some cases, to have a pleasant, perfumed odor, known as the Odour of ...

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Nov 29, 2013 ... Check out these 10 cases and decide for yourself. ... His stigmata initially appearing at a friendly get together, 31-year-old Croatian priest Zlatco ...

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Feb 11, 2014 ... The stigmata wounds are normally visible however there are a good number of cases on record of invisible stigmata, which usually occurs ...

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Certainly one recent case, Mrs Heather Woods of Lincoln, only made her .... The most extraordinary case of the stigmata is that of Heather Woods of Lincoln.

Brief list of those who, through history, have been afflicted with the stigmata, beginning with Stephen Langton in 1222. More »

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No case of stigmata is known to have occurred before the thirteenth century, when the depiction of the crucified Jesus in Western Christendom emphasized his ...



Today, cases of stigmata are still occurring. Bishops are responsible for investigating stigmata in their diocese. The church has never validated a stigmata until ...

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Nov 18, 2011 ... The first case of stigmata—the appearance of marks or actual wounds like those Christ received during the Crucifixion—was recorded in 1224.

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There have been hundreds of cases of stigmata over the last two thousand years, many of them on the bodies of women. In spite of some actual or suspected ...

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Jan 23, 2014 ... Curiously, there are no known cases of stigmata for the first 1,200 years after Jesus died. The first person said to suffer from stigmata was St.

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Q: When was the last case of Stigmata.
A: The most well know recent case of stigmata was Padre Pio who passed on Sept 23, Read More »
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Q: Are there any real cases of stigmata?
A: There have been 32 reported cases of stigmata and all have been Roman Catholics;... Read More »
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Q: What case of stigmata was accepted by the church?
A: Dr. Imbert counts 321 stigmatics in whom there is every reason to believe in a Divine action. None are known prior to the thirteenth century. The first mentione... Read More »
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Q: CASES OF STIGMATA - Fact or Fiction?
A: I have a question that has been nagging me for quite some time now concerning people throughout history bearing the stigmatic wounds of Christ. I am a firm beli... Read More »
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Q: Christians, why haven't there been any documented cases of stigma...
A: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other senses of this word, see Stigma (disambiguation) and stigmata (disambiguation) Not to be confused with Stigmati... Read More »
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