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Subsidence is the motion of a surface (usually, the Earth's surface) as it shifts downward ... Subsidence frequently causes major problems in karst terrains, where .... Cave-in · Lateral ...

A Guide to Subsidence - What is subsidence?

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When a property subsides it can cause significant cracking and damage to the property. ... The predominant cause of subsidence in the UK is soil shrinkage ...

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Aug 16, 2008 ... The three main causes of subsidence are the underlying soil, the age of ... such as a history of subsidence at a property or signs of cracking or ...

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Aug 20, 2015 ... Land subsidence and relation to withdrawals of groundwater, from the ... Years and years of pumping groundwater for irrigation has caused the ...

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5 “Check the outside of your property regularly, particularly at this time of year,” Maclean says. ... A. The most common causes of subsidence are as follows: 1.

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If you're worried about the damage that subsidence can cause, then take a look at our tips on ... Cracks can also appear in fairly new houses due to 'settlement'.

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This is one of the most common causes of subsidence. ... a tree is responsible for causing structural problems to a property ...

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Heave is, in simple terms, the opposite of subsidence and is caused by the ground pressing up against the foundations of a property and forcing the foundations ...

Guide to Subsidence | What is Subsidence? Signs Causes ...


Quoteline Direct's guide to subsidence with causes and treatment explained. ... Nearly three quarters of all subsidence claims are for properties built on clay ...

Subsidence or Settlement? Either way there's no need to panic ...


Settlement is where the structure moves the soil due to application of load. Settlement normally occurs early in the life of a property whereas subsidence can  ...

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Subsidence Support : What causes subsidence?


The core causes and triggers of soil shrink/swell subsidence. ... The potential impact on a property depends on whether a property sits within this zone of ...

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Apr 4, 2006 ... Other causes of subsidence are leaking drains, which tend to affect ... the gap below ground level has caused the property to gradually sink.

cause of land subsidence from ground-water pumping


Common causes of land subsidence from human activity are pumping water, oil, and .... to determine properties that can be used to predict future subsidence.