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They are hardy trees that thrive in most areas, but they can be susceptible to certain pests and diseases. Monitor the bark and leaves of your cedar tree, and look ...


Root rot often turns branches brown on one side of the tree first -- the side where the roots ... Treating your cedar with a fungicide can help control the disease.


Cedars are majestic, evergreen trees that include different genera and species. Their fragrant needles take the place of broad tree leaves, and offer protection as  ...


As an ornamental hedge and popular Christmas tree, an Eastern red cedar ( Juniperus virginiana) tree blight destroys the tree's commercial or decorative value.


3 cedar trees in my neighbors' yard - and now 1 or 2 in my yard are ... Western redcedars have had a tough year and we are seeing many mature ...


Juniper insect pests, diseases and problems - Phomopsis tip blight, Kabatina twig ... Do not plant apple, crabapple and Eastern red cedar trees in the same area.


How to Diagnose Cedar Tree Pests & Diseases. Part of the pine tree family, cedars (Cedrus spp.) are large trees that can grow up to 100 feet in height and have ...


Cedar-Apple Rust. Page 8. Page 9. Bacterial Diseases. Fire Blight. Bacterial Leaf Scorch .... causes no serious harm to the tree; however aesthetic con-.


My junipers are full of the galls and my apple trees have developed the spots. ... After a little Internet searching, I found pictures of cedar-apple rust disease that ...


The disease is caused by a fungus that over-winters on the bark of the tree or on ..... It is therefore important to treat all apple trees, junipers and cedar trees in an ...