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Cedar is the common name for cedar wood, used for several different trees that grow in different parts of the world. Cedar may also refer to: ...

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Jun 18, 2016 ... If tree foliage is a scale-like leaf, then you're probably dealing with a conifer or evergreen that is in the cedar or juniper family.

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Cedar Tree Varieties. Cedar trees are often confused with other trees, especially junipers, but true cedars (Cedrus) are native to the mountains around the ...

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We invite you to learn more about these popular varieties and review our glossary ... Click each tree type for a detailed description and photo(s): ... Cedar Trees.

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Aug 22, 2016 ... Varieties of Cedar Trees True cedars are of four different types, viz., the Atlas Cedar, the Cedar of Lebanon, the Deodar Cedar, and the Cyprian ...

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Talking about cedars and arborvitae is somewhat confusing because many of the trees we call "cedar" are actually junipers, arborvitae or some other species ...

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Mar 19, 2015 ... Cedar (Cedrus spp.) – cedar tree varieties make elegant specimen plantings. Most have clustered needles with small erect cones. They grow ...

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Trees usually grow in a broadly pyramidal shape to 30-50 feet tall but new weeping and dwarf varieties are also available. Plant them in sun to part sun as a  ...

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Trees represent an extremely important part in preserving and enhancing our environment. They assist in reducing carbon produced by our cars and industry.

Nrothern white cedar: Minnesota DNR


Trees & shrubs ... Northern white cedar (Thuja occidentalis) ... There are numerous ornamental or garden varieties of white cedar known as arborvitae.

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Apr 7, 2016 ... Cedar (Cedrus), also called "true" cedar, is a coniferous genus and species of trees in the plant family Pinaceae. They are most closely related ...

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Cedar Tree Picture category contains many photos of cedar trees, info on cedar tree types, we have many beautiful cedar tree images.

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Cedar Tree Identification. Identifying a cedar tree can be a little tricky: there are many different types of cedar trees. However, they do have similar characteristics  ...