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Oct 19, 2012 ... Human beings, on the other hand, possess six distinct ... These characteristics are not just what defines us, I believe, but also what we create ...


This section of our website focuses on several human characteristics that evolved over the past 6 million years. As you explore the scientific evidence for these ...


Man is a creation of God; Man has been created in the image and the likeness of God; Man is endowed with God's Characteristic and Nature; Man is capable of ...


Jul 31, 2015 ... Human-being is a vertebrate, bipedal animal belonging to the group of mammals. The scientific name of human-being is "Homo sapiens".


Something I heard out of the corner of my ear about humans being able to run ... and a huge distinguishing characteristics (smaller mouth, teeth, stomach, etc.).


An invading alien would have no trouble categorising us but, being so close to our ... Anthropologists have identified many “human universals” – characteristics  ...


Jun 27, 2015 ... The seven deadly sins form a rather negative view of human nature. Here, we examine six ... It led me to wonder what other characteristics are unique or largely restricted to humans alone. This in turn led me to ... Being playful.


Sep 20, 2014 ... There are certain qualities each and every human being should have. Qualities that have the power to help each and every one of us to ...


Sep 2, 2014 ... So you should think about these human qualities from time to time and always ..... These qualities define who we are as human beings.


There's no such thing as perfection and only fools think they can achieve it, ... What does it mean to be perfect? Does it mean to be at an apex of human ability?