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How do I enable Java in my web browser?


Learn how to enable the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) through your Web browser.

How do I enable Java through the Control Panel?


If Java is already installed but applets do not work, you may need to check and see if Java is ... Enable Java in the browser through the Java Control Panel.

Java Tester - Home Page


Test the version of Java used in this browser ... February 5, 2016: Java 8 Update 73 and Update 74 are released. .... web browser that has Java disabled and use a second browser, with Java enabled, exclusively on the site(s) that need Java.

javascript - Can I check whether Java is enabled from PHP - Stack ...


First, I think you are confused between Java and JavaScript. Lack of JavaScript is dealt with the <noscript> tag, but I guess this approach will work fine ...

Check if JavaScript is enabled with PHP - Stack Overflow


No, that is not possible, because PHP is a server side language, it does not access ..... PHP can't be used to detect whether javascript is enabled or not. ... js enabled if (!isset($_SESSION['javaEnabled'])){ //Check if we were ...

linux - PHP exec - check if enabled or disabled - Stack Overflow


if(function_exists('exec')) { echo "exec is enabled"; } ... This is incorrect - it will only detect whether the function is available. Most servers will ... This will check that exec is available and enabled BEFORE trying to run it. If you run exec() and .... Calling a Java program in PHP and getting output · 0 ...

How to check whether java plugin is enabled or not using javascript?


I would suggest you to go for the method recommended by Oracle <script src=" http://www.java.com/js/deployJava.js"></script> <script> if (deployJava.

javascript - How to check whether Java plugins are installed or not in ...


Java/Sun/Oracle provides a deployment toolkit script in the form of a JavaScript file ... Use deployJava.js to check the java installation. <!DOCTYPE HTML .... How to check whether java plugin is enabled or not using javascript?

Is Java installed? - WhatIsMyBrowser.com


Find out if Java is installed in your web browser. ... So if you don't have JavaScript enabled then it's not possible to detect if Java is installed and enabled. ... You should also return to the homepage to check if Java is up to date. ... For simplicities sake, what this site is concerned with is the Java plugin that can run ...

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