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Rumor has it : snopes.com


FACT CHECK Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump didn't resort to an ... The story of William Kamkwamba, aka "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind," is true ... We will never send you spam or share your email with nigerian royalty.

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Fact Check Websites for Religion, Email Scams and Hoaxes: ... Get the truth about rumors, inspirational stories, virus warnings, hoaxes, scams, humorous tales, ...

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Aug 6, 2010 ... This is the granddaddy of all fact-checking sites. ... view the top 20 stories of the hour, and subscribe to its email alerts (for a very modest price).

Is It Really True? The 5 Best Fact-Checking Websites - MakeUseOf


Apr 17, 2012 ... Today, fact checking is often associated with political journalism, but can of ... Using the following fact checking websites, you can verify factual ... Legends & Spam · 2 Websites to Verify Urban Legends and Email Scams ...

Tools for verifying and assessing the validity of social media and ...


Apr 2, 2015 ... Tools for verifying and assessing the validity of social media and user-generated content ... tools have been developed to help journalists check facts quickly. ... for years in various media such as email and online social networks .... by analyzing around 900,000 news stories and blog posts per day from 1 ...

Hoax-Slayer: Latest Email Hoaxes - Current Internet Scams


Scam Victim Stories · Hoax-Slayer Nutshell · Special Features ... Latest Email and Social Media Hoaxes - Current Internet Scams - Hoax-Slayer ... Provides a resource where Internet users can check the veracity of email and social media messages ... Viral Facebook Post Warns About Facebook Cloning – Warning Is Valid

How accurate is the website Snopes.com? | Reference.com


Snopes is devoted to investigating and either validating or... ... The site carries a large number of stories that are either true or false, and it. ... Snopes investigates the origin of urban legends, Internet and email rumors, and old wives' tales.

How to Spot Truth in the Sea of Lies, Rumors, and Myths on the ...


Oct 11, 2012 ... This is why following a news story to its original source is important. ... search again for the answer by itself to check the validity. ... the site still track the truthfullness of all those ridiculous email forwards you get from your family.

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When you first join Wattpad, we ask you to verify the email address linked to your ... To publish a story; To vote (on web only); Get email notifications from us.

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Aug 30, 2012 ... Not strictly limited to politics, Snopes is a website that attempts to debunk and validate urban legends, Internet rumors and other stories of ...

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TruthorFiction.com: Rumors, hoaxes, and urband legends


An email reality check for e-rumors, viruses, and internet hoaxes.

Don't get spun by Internet rumors. - FactCheck.org


Just because you read it on somebody's blog or in an email from a friend or ... Libya Christopher Stevens, and did he write the “true story” about Stevens' death ?

Learn How to Research and Verify an Email Rumor - Tips to Help ...


Learn how to research and verify an email rumor - don't just forward it to all your ... Some hoaxes claim to be based on television news stories or are written to ...