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Generic term used in the case of polymeric material that may contain other substances ..... Plastics are usually classified by their chemical structure of the polymer's backbone and side chains....

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May 12, 2016 ... The composition, structure, and properties of plastics. Many of the chemical names of the polymers employed as plastics have become familiar ...

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The chemical properties of plastics depend on the type of polymer used during ... range of applications ranging from toys to the frame structure of space stations.

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Have you ever wondered about the chemical composition of plastic or what it is made of? Here's a look a what plastic is and how it is formed.

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Chemistry of Plastics - The chemistry of plastics shows that many organic compounds, such as ethylene, can be found in plastic. Learn more about the chemistry ...

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Chemical testing of a plastic or polymer material can be complex but can provide ... Our experts bring you insight into your material's chemical composition and ...

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Polymer Structure · Composite Structures · Physical and Chemical Properties ... natural materials such as rubber and synthetic materials such as plastics and ...

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The basic structure of plastics (or polymers) is given by macromolecule .... copolymers or thermoplastic elastomers, built by chemical composition of two or.

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Vinyl chloride molecules are polymerized to form polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin, to which appropriate additives are incorporated to make a customized PVC ...

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Chemical Composition ... The symbol for polypropylene developed by the Society of the Plastics Industry so that items can be labeled for easy recycling is: ...

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Composition and Types of Plastic A plastic is made up principally of a binder together with plasticizers, ... See more Encyclopedia articles on: Organic Chemistry ...

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Learn how to make plastic from synthetic monomer and polymer resins. ... The chemical structure of the backbone, the use of copolymers, and the chemical ...

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Sep 1, 2009 ... Polymers and plastics: an introduction. ... In most areas of chemistry, a "pure substance" has a definite structure, molar mass, and properties.