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Chinese jade refers to the jade mined or carved in China from the Neolithic onward. It is the primary hardstone of Chinese sculpture. Although deep and bright ...


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Chinese jade: any of the carved-jade objects produced in China from the Neolithic Period (c. 3000–2000 bce) onward. The Chinese have historically regarded ...


Jade has a history in China of at least four thousands years. Unknown to some, it is found contained within the development of religion and civilization.


Sep 16, 2015 ... In Chinese writing, it is no accident that the character for “emperor” looks almost identical to the character for “jade”. In the West, precious gems ...


Jade has always been a favored gemstone in China, which is considered a lucky charm and full of virtue by the Chinese people.


Jun 18, 2015 ... Jade has always been the material most highly prized by the Chinese, above silver and gold. The Chinese have historically regarded ...


Dec 23, 2015 ... A passion for jade has been an enduring hallmark of Chinese civilization for millennia. A rare, semi-precious hardstone, jade is made up of ...


Chinese Hetian Jade Rotation In The Qing Dynasty Vase · 4371: Chinese Hetian Jade Rotation In The Qing Dynasty Vase · KN Tang & Co. 07:00 PM PT. Jul 8.