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The question of how to get rid of pesky chipmunks can become more serious in ... and fruits, dig burrows near your building and store the food inside the holes.

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Chipmunks are cute little creatures, but when they are ruining landscapes by digging holes around your lawn and garden, these rodents can become quite a ...

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Jul 17, 2003 ... For the first time we are having a problem with chipmunk's borrowing holes all over our yard. They have dug little holes all over the place.

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Jan 6, 2017 ... This is all the information you'll need to get rid of chipmunks. ... with a small enough hole cut out to allow only smaller rodents like the chipmunk ...

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Place mothballs around the foundation of your house, near your plantings and around chipmunk holes. Mothballs won't eliminate chipmunks, but they will push  ...

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5) If chipmunks have entered building or any other structure, bold 1/4" or 1/2" hardware cloth (steel mesh) onto open holes, and make sure mesh is installed at  ...

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In fall and winter, chipmunks retreat into underground burrows as “restless” hibernators and remain fairly inactive, relying on these food reserves until the return ...

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A single chipmunk's hole can contain up to 9 gallons of food, and it will last long enough. They'd better not, therefore, have any time to stock up with delicious ...

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Holes tend to be cleanly dug and silver dollar sized. Note the shiny quarter to the left of the hole. Chipmunks are easily seen during the day. Photo by Stephen ...

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The chipmunks dig in it and push so much soil up onto the bark, you can't even tell there is ... Spread or water your castor oil stuff wherever you see their holes.