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Block up to 10 phone numbers in your local calling area with AT&T Call Block/ Call Screening. ... You can press 0 at any time to have the instructions repeated.


Learn how to use AT&T home phone Call Blocking features. AT&T has you covered with Call blocking support, troubleshooting, how-to articles, & videos.


Block unwanted calls from numbers you specify and avoid those with anonymous information using these features. Find more Digital Phone support on att.com.


Calling Feature Instructions ... AT&T Local Service/Customer Care 1 800 288- 2747 .... Call Block. Allows you to block up to six pre-selected phone numbers.


For information about features that may be available in your area such as Call Block, Call Trace and Anonymous Call Rejection, visit us online or call customer  ...


Learn how to block unwanted calls and messages using your wireless phone or other options. Find more Wireless support on att.com.


With AT&T Call Screening, you can see who's calling before you answer the phone. ... AT&T Caller ID Blocking provides you with two privacy options for your outgoing calls: ... Follow instructions to add, remove, delete or review entries ( step 3).


Keep your caller ID private by dialing *67 when making a call. Find more Home phone support on att.com. ... AT&T Home Phone: Per-Call Blocking. Learn how to use ... Follow the instructions for every call you want your number blocked.


Learn how to use your features such as Call Block, Call Forwarding and Call Return. Find more Home phone support on att.com.


AT&T has you covered with Landline - Home phone support, troubleshooting, ... Call Block (*60) and call screening features · Stop unwanted or harassing calls ...