[klad-uh-gram, kley-duh-]
a branching diagram depicting the successive points of species divergence from common ancestral lines without regard to the degree of deviation.


A cladogram (from Greek clados "branch" and gramma "character") is a diagram used in cladistics which shows relations among organisms. A cladogram is not, ...

Cladogram Analysis - The Biology Corner

Short article on how to interpret a cladogram, a chart that shows an organism's evolutionary history. Students analyze a chart and then construct one.
May 11, 2012 ... Paul Andersen shows you how to construct a cladogram from a group of organisms using shared characteristics. He also discusses the process ...
To best understand the science of classification, it will help to first examine a few basic terms: classification - the systematic grouping and naming of organisms based on shared structural similiarites, fuctional similarities, or evolutionary history taxonomy - the sc... More »
By Laura Klappenbach, Guide


The Impact of Evolution. Darwin changed everything. The publication of his work on The Origin of Species in 1859, threw the whole of biological science into a ...

How to Build a Cladogram

This is placeholder text. Before this page, there will be an introductory screen that will display some basic information on cladograms. On that page, you will be ...

How to Make a Cladogram

How to Make a Cladogram. (Adapted from ENSI/SENSI lesson plan: Making Cladograms Cladograms are ...

Lesson: Making Cladograms - Indiana University

This lesson introduces students to the building of cladograms as evolutionary trees, showing how "shared derived characters" can be used to reveal degrees of  ...

Cladograms — bozemanscience

Paul Andersen shows you how to construct a cladogram from a group of organisms using shared characteristics. He also discusses the process of parsimony in ...

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Popular Q&A
Q: What is a cladogram?
A: A cladogram is a diagram that shows the evolutionary relationships among a group of organisms. Read More »
Q: What is cladograms?
A: a cladogram is a tree-shaped diagram showing evolutionary relationships and the points where species appear to have diverged from common ancestors. Read More »
Q: What are cladograms?
A: Cladograms:1:a tree diagram used to illustrate phylogenetic Read More »
Q: How to Draw Cladograms.
A: Things You'll Need. Ruler. Protractor. Standard Cladogram. Draw a horizontal line. Align the protractor on its middle, with 45-degree angles on both sides. Mark... Read More »
Q: What is a cladogram?
A: Cladogram is a graphical representation in form of branched diagrams, illustrating the relatedness Pylogenetic trees are also branched diagrams which shows the ... Read More »