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Cleopatra Biography - Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline


Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh of Egypt. She was a powerful leader and reportedly the most beautiful woman of that time. Read this biography to know more ...

Cleopatra VII Philopator - Livius


Aug 2, 2015 ... Cleopatra VII Philopator ("father-loving"): queen of the Ptolemaic Empire, ... Summer 50: Cleopatra accepts her brother Ptolemy XIII as co-ruler ...

Cleopatra timeline | Northern Ballet


Mar 15, 2011 ... Cleopatra's story has been retold for over 2000 years, in this timeline we try to add a little historical perspective to the events in the ballet - a ...

Cleopatra Timeline in The Tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra - Shmoop


Sometimes it's hard to keep track of what Cleopatra is up to during The Tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra. Luckily, we've got you covered.

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Cleopatra Biography - Amazing Bible Timeline


Feb 11, 2013 ... Cleopatra is one of the most famous Egyptian Pharaoh's in history. She is considered to be the last ruler of ancient Egypt. She was born in ...

Cleopatra's Life timeline | Timetoast timelines


Cleopatra's Life, a timeline made with Timetoast's free interactive timeline making software.

Cleopatra VII - Ancient History Encyclopedia


Feb 28, 2014 ... Cleopatra VII Philopator was born in 69 BCE and ruled jointly with her father, Ptolemy ..... Timeline. Visual Timeline. c. 69 BCE - 12 Aug 30 BCE.

Ptolemy XIII - Ancient History Encyclopedia


Jan 10, 2012 ... In exile, Cleopatra organized her own army and, returning to Egypt, ignited civil war. Arsinoe VI, at this ... Visual Timeline. 50 BCE. Cleopatra ...

Timeline - Cleopatra


Shortly after, on 10 (or 12) of August, Cleopatra VII and Antony commit suicide. Caesarion (Ptolemy. XV Caesar) tries to escape but is killed. With their deaths ...

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Q: What Are Major Events on a Cleopatra Timeline?
A: Do you know how old Cleopatra was when she came to power? When Caesar was assassinated? When she committed suicide to thwart Caesar's heir Octavian (Augustus)? ... Read More »
Source: ancienthistory.about.com
Q: What is the timeline in cleopatras life?
A: The timeline in Cleopatra's life runs from 69 BC to 30 BC. Read More »
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The Timeline of the Life of Cleopatra - San Jose State University


Cleopatra was a queen of Egypt but she was not Egyptian. She was the last of the Macedonian Greek dynasty that ruled Egypt from the time of Alexander the ...

Cleopatra Timeline - Soft Schools


Cleopatra was a member of the Macedonian Greek dynasty who became Queen of Egypt. She was an educated, smart woman who spoke many languages.

HistoryWorld - Cleopatra Timeline


Cleopatra, destined to become the last ruling pharaoh as Cleopatra VII, is born in Egypt – the daughter of Ptolemy XII. 51 BC. Ptolemy XII dies, leaving Egypt to ...