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Aztec clothing is the clothing that was worn by the Aztecs, as well as other pre- Columbian peoples of central Mexico who shared similar cultures.

Ancient Aztec clothing - Aztec History


Ancient Aztec clothing, that is, the clothing worn by the tribes that made up the Aztec empire (such as the Mexica people), was rich in variety. As we shall see, ...

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The clothing worn by the Aztec Male was simple and designed for their climate and environment. Their underwear at the time were loincloths called Maxtl and if  ...

Aztec children's clothes - Mexicolore


What clothes did Aztec children wear? Not a lot! No footwear, no underwear, nothing fancy, not much more than a simple top. About all that changed when you  ...

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Aztec women wore sleeveless blouses and wraparound skirts. Nobles dressed in brightly coloured cotton clothes ...

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Aztec clothing was made from cotton and fiber, extracted from Maguey Cactus leaves. Women played the important role of weaving clothes using fiber, and they  ...

Aztec Clothing - Aztec Indians


With the art of clothes making an important craft of the ancient Aztecs, however, it is no wonder ... The capes were generally worn knotted over just one shoulder.

Aztec Empire for Kids: Daily Life - Ducksters


Life for the typical person living in the Aztec Empire was hard work. ... What did the Aztecs wear for clothes? The Aztec men wore loincloths and long capes.

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Dress was an important part of Aztec religion and daily life. ... The leaders wore the cotton clothing and the peasants had to use the maguey fiber. Tropical bird ...

Clothing of Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas - Fashion, Costume, and ...


The dress of women was more variable. Mayan women wore skirts with or without a scarf tied to cover their breasts, and Aztec and Inca women wore dresses ...

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A Look at Aztec Clothes - Aztec History


When considering Aztec clothes and what the common people wore, it is first important to understand how very diverse the Aztec empire was. It covered a great ...

What did the Aztecs wear? - Mexicolore


Not having time just now to prepare a full illustrated guide to Aztec clothing styles we thought a good way to answer this question would be to quote a short ...

Clothing - Aztecs for Kids


Upper class Aztecs wore beautiful clothes made of cotton. Clothing was brightly dyed and decorated with embroidery and feathers. Lower class Aztecs wore ...