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Physical Chemistry. a substance made up of a system of particles with linear dimensions in the range of about 10−7 to 5 × 10−5 cm dispersed in a continuous gaseous, liquid, or solid medium whose properties depend on the large specific surface area. The particles can be large molecules like proteins, or solid, liquid, or gaseous aggregates and they remain dispersed indefinitely.
Medicine/Medical. a colloidal substance in the body, as a stored secretion or a cyst.
Physical Chemistry. colloidal.
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In chemistry, a colloid is a mixture in which one substance of microscopically dispersed .... The stability of a colloidal system is defined by particles remaining ...


Colloid definition, Physical Chemistry. a substance made up of a system of particles with linear dimensions in the range of about 10 −7 to 5 × 10 −5 cm dispersed ...


The definition of a colloid is a combination of molecules mixed through other substances that will not settle out or join with the other substance. Mayonnaise and ...


Define colloid: a gelatinous or mucinous substance found normally in the thyroid and also in diseased tissue — colloid in a sentence.


In this lesson, you will learn the definition of colloids. There will be examples provided to assist you with your understanding of the topic....


Mar 7, 2017 ... Colloid Definition: A type of homogeneous mixture in which the dispersed particles do not settle out. Examples: butter, milk, smoke, fog, ink, ...


Oct 21, 2014 ... A colloid is a type of homogeneous mixture that does not separate on its own. Here are several examples of common colloids, many from ...


Colloid definition: a mixture having particles of one component , with diameters between 10 –7 and 10 –9... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.