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Common furniture beetle


The common furniture beetle or common house borer (Anobium punctatum) is a woodboring beetle. In the larval stage it bores in wood and feeds upon it.

North American Beetles - Insect Identification


Dec 16, 2015 ... Listing of Beetle insects found in North America. ... The long common name of this wood borer aptly describes much about it. It prefers ...

Common Black Ground Beetle


This beetle is just one of many species which get the name "Common Black Ground Beetle." Many of the different species are very similar. This ground beetle  ...

Beetles - Facts About beetles - Types of beetles - PestWorldforKids.org


Learn all about beetles, facts about beetles and different types of beetles. ... Legs: 6; Wings: Yes; Antenna: Yes; Common Name: Varied carpet beetle; Kingdom: ...

common carpet beetle - Anthrenus scrophulariae (Linnaeus)


The common carpet beetle, Anthrenus scrophulariae (Linnaeus), is a small blackish beetle that is found worldwide. This species is known to infest goods made ...

Beetles species, common and family name with typical body shape


Species list including common name and family name of beetle featured, also a drawing showing the typical body shape of beetles in different families, with links  ...

Beetle Group - Identification of Beetles | Department of Entomology ...


Common Vegetable Pests · Christmas Tree Pest Identification · Ornamental Pests ... Large Beetle Group - Most large beetles are dark brown or black and have ...

Order Coleoptera - Beetles - BugGuide.Net


Feb 16, 2004 ... Order Coleoptera (Beetles). Other Common Names. grubs (larvae only), white grubs (especially larvae of scarab beetles). Spanish: escarabajo.

Genus Cicindela - Common Tiger Beetles - BugGuide.Net


Feb 16, 2004 ... Subfamily Cicindelinae (Tiger Beetles). Tribe Cicindelini (Flashy Tiger Beetles). Genus Cicindela (Common Tiger Beetles). Synonyms and ...

Common Furniture Beetle Facts: Identify & Control Furniture Beetle


The common furniture beetle goes through complete metamorphosis, meaning this insect has an egg, larval (worm-like) pupal and adult stage. Its life cycle is ...

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Beetle Identification


The Multi-colored Asian Ladybug Beetle is very common and, as its English name suggests, shows a great deal of intra-species variation, not simply in color but ...

Beetles (including Ladybirds) | NatureSpot


Beetles represent the largest insect group with around 4,000 species in Britain and ... Endomychidae - Handsome fungus beetles .... Common Sexton Beetle

How to Identify Beetles: 9 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow


Many beetles have patterns on their exoskeletons that aid in identification. Some, however, are very similar to other species. The common ladybug, for example, ...