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Computer hardware is the collection of physical components that constitute a computer system. Computer hardware is the physical parts or components of a ...


Information is funny stuff. The information for the web page you are looking at is recorded on a hard disk inside a computer located in New Britain, Connecticut.


Hardware - A generic term used to describe any component of a computer system with a physical presence and which can, therefore, been seen and touched.


In this section we will look at the different components (parts) of a computer system. You will see what role each component plays within the computer system .


Jan 9, 2011 ... Information and Communication Technology Types and components of Computer Systems Candidates should be able to define hardware, ...


Nov 14, 2013 ... The five basic components of a computer system are the Input Unit, Output Unit, Storage Unit, Central Processing Unit and Control Unit.


Jan 27, 2013 ... Components of a computer system. 1. Components of a Computer System 3.1.1 a b ; 2. Learning Objectives• By the end of this lesson all of ...


Are you ready to buy a computer? Let's take a trip through the components of a computer for some advice. We'll learn about the motherboard, memory,...


Components of a Computer System. Software is stored on hardware such as hard disks or tape. Monsters, Inc. can be recorded on a VCR tape. But the computer ...


The five classic components of a computer are briefly described below. ... Input handling is largely under the control of operating system software. Output is data  ...