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How to Convert Liquid Measurements
You can solve almost any conversion problem using a unit cancelling method known as dimensional analysis. Use the relationship between units as a ratio. For example, the number of milliliters in a liter would expressed as either 1 liter/1,000... More »
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Use this liquid volume conversion utility to convert instantly between metric and ... Should you wish to calculate the volume or capacity of an object or space, you ...

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Using correct measurements is one the simplest keys to recipe success. We'll show you how to convert liquid measurements and how to measure liquids ...

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Conversion chart for fluid ounce (U.S. Liquid Measure, capicity and volume). Instant units and measurements conversion, metric conversion and other systems .

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Volume (Liquid) ... cup, c., C. usually liquid, 237 milliliters, 16 tablespoons or 8 fluid ounces. fluid ounce, fl oz, fl. oz. American ... Try the Conversion Calculator ...

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Good Cooking's Measures, Conversions and Substitutions!

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Jul 15, 2011 ... ... in a gallon? This will help make kitchen measurement conversions easy. ... Liquid or Volume Measures (approximate). 1 teaspoon, 1/3 ...

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Liquid Measurement Conversion Tables. Use the tables and tools below as a quick reference for common liquid conversions.

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This Measurement Worksheet is great for practicing converting different liquid measure units. The measurement worksheet will produce twenty questions on ...

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4th grade (U.S.) Measurement and data. Converting ... Converting US customary units of volume ... Try to convert it into quarts, pints, cups, and fluid ounces. Well ...