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Any straight line L divides the Euclidean plane to two ... convex if it lies on one side of each of its tangent lines.

What is the difference between Concave and Convex?


2 a of a set of points : containing all points in a line joining any two constituent points b of a geometric figure : comprising a convex set when combined with its ...

Concave Upward and Downward - Math is Fun


What about when the slope stays the same (straight line)? It could be both! See footnote. ... Concave Downward is also called Concave or Convex Upward.

Is linear function convex or concave? - Mathematics Stack Exchange


Dec 18, 2013 ... I was wondering if linear function is convex or concave? ... take any two points on the graph... where would be the line joining those two points ...

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Concave mirrors make the viewer appear tall because he has to look up to get a perpendicular line: his eyes appear above him. Convex mirrors make the viewer  ...

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1a : curved or rounded outward like the exterior of a sphere or circleb : being a continuous function or part of a continuous function with the property that a line ...

When Is a Set of Lines in Space Convex? - American Mathematical ...


rather than convex sets of points, we will be talk- ing about convex sets of lines, for example, or of planes. Much of the material that this article deals with is based  ...

Gurney Journey: Discussion: Convex lines and the figure


Jan 27, 2013 ... I have run across the idea that the human form should be drawn only with convex lines because "there are no concave lines in the figure.

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A convex hull of a set of points is the smallest convex polygon that contains every one of the points. It is defined by a subset of all ...

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As we have seen, if the set of relevant lines has already been determined and sorted, it becomes trivial to answer any query in ...