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SMS Signatures Messages - has a great collection of SMS Signatures text Messages, SMS Signatures quotes, wishes & greeting in in Urdu,  ...

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Dec 25, 2011 ... Read on for some interesting signature ideas, designed for the female psyche. ... texts, read on for some cool and cute cell phone signatures.

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One of the most popular signatures used by girls for a host of online greetings is ... Whatever message you choose just make sure it is fun, cute, and not offensive  ...

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Q. What are the funny texting signatures? What are some funny signatures for text messages ...... "Some funny and cool text message signatures?~i need..." ...

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As you can see, there are loads of "cute" cell phone signatures that have ... There are many cute signatures that can be added to the bottom of a text message.

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Cute signatures for text messages about your boyfriend · Hey you`re kinda cute! what`s your number? You know you`re kinda a cute chick? Cool cute signatures.

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Cool text message signatures .... Best signatures for text messages for guys .... at the bottom of your text but you dont really want that you want a cool signature.

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Feb 15, 2009 ... SMS Signature Overview. Maybe you've seen them before. Every single text message you get from one of your friends ends with “<3 Stacee” or ...

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Jul 19, 2013 ... You put a single line of text in front of millions of people, and they start .... of the message to the exclusion of all else tended to give interesting, ...

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... closely relates to: Cool text message signatures for guys ..... Cool signatures for your phone · What s the rest of .... thir message is originally sent from my heart.

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Q: Cool signatures 4 texting?!?
A: I have a lot more, just email me if you want them. 1 0 Comment i'm out of ideas for some cool signatures!! little help here?!?!?! no inapporpiate 1s plz!!! i ne... Read More »
Q: Cool signatures 4 texting?
A: Here's a few... \m/--\m/--rock on (\__/) (='.'=)---a bunny (")__(") <x3--heart broken :p---sticking toung out XD----laughing I have a lot more, just email me if... Read More »
Q: What is a cool signature on texts for boys?
A: I'm a simple man, I prefer just using my name personally. You could use a ... Read More »
Q: What is a cool text signature.
A: Use: ^ . It's super kawaii! Thanks for using Cha Cha! Read More »
Q: Cool text signatures for a phone?
A: *Write your name in symbols. ~For example, if your name is Alex, you could make your signature "@l_3x" or if it's Jordan you could make it "J0r[)@/l/" *Use song... Read More »