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Co-option has two common meanings: the process of adding members to an elected or ... Co-opted members may or may not have the same rights as the elected members of a group (such as the right to vot...

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Coopted definition, to elect into a body by the votes of the existing members. See more.

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Define co-opted. co-opted synonyms, co-opted pronunciation, co-opted translation, English dictionary definition of co-opted. tr.v. co-opt·ed , co-opt·ing , co-opts 1 ...

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2 a : to take into a group (as a faction, movement, or culture) : absorb, assimilate <the students are co–opted by a system they serve even in their struggle against  ...

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She was co-opted on to the committee last June. ​. › to include someone in ... Whether they liked it or not, local people were co-opted into the victory parade. ​.

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Mar 12, 2010 ... I prefer a hyphen in this one, myself, because coopt looks like an odd word and makes me think it should be pronounced like cooped. But since ...

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See also: coopt and coöpt ... co-opt (third-person singular simple present co- opts, present participle co-opting, simple past and past participle co-opted). To elect ...

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coopt | to add (someone) to a committee, board, etc, by the agreement of the existing members | Definition, pronunciation, examples & translations.

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... defied the usual pattern of L.-to-Eng. adaptation, which should have yielded cooptate. Sense of "take over" is first recorded c.1953. Related: co-opted (1650s).

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Some of the committee are saying that the co-opted trustees can't vote. Is that right? Co-opting trustees is simply a mechanism for bringing someone onto the ...

to elect into a body by the votes of the existing members.
to assimilate, take, or win over into a larger or established group: The fledgling Labor party was coopted by the Socialist party.
to appropriate as one's own; preempt: The dissidents have coopted the title of her novel for their slogan.
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