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How to Become a Radiologist | Requirements & Career Info


Learn how to become a radiologist - explore the education requirements, how long it may take, and what you can expect from this rewarding career!

What Does It Take To Become A Radiologist in the US? - Gap Medics


Dec 6, 2013 ... Here's what it takes to become a radiologist in the United States. Training requirements. After you've completed your 4 years of college and you ...

How to Become a Radiologist (with Pictures) - wikiHow


Begin your bachelor's degree. Complete 4 years of study in a science field, such as biology, chemistry or pre-med.

Radiology Degrees and Programs | Radiology Schools 411


Equipped with a degree in radiology, radiologic techs are presented with a host of ... training and experience, radiologic technologists can go on to become to ...

Become a Radiologist - Careers - The College Board - Big Future


Learn about what a radiologist is and what radiologists do. ... Explore summer study programs like the University of Massachusetts' High School Health Careers  ...

Find a Radiology Technician School and become a Radiologic Tech!


Licensing requirements for radiology technicians vary from state to state but usually involve holding a certificate or a degree and passing an exam.

Education & Licensing Required to Become a Radiologist | Chron.com


Radiologists are physicians who primarily work as specialized consultants, offering diagnostic support to other doctors. They're trained in the use and ...

Registered Radiologist Assistant (R.R.A.) | ARRT - The American ...


Education Requirements for Registered Radiologist Assistant (R.R.A.) Certification and Registration. To be eligible for Registered Radiologist Assistant (R.R.A.) ...

How To Become A Radiologist - Salary, Job Description, Education


How much does a radiologist make? With an average income of nearly $350,000 a year, radiology retains its spot among the three highest paid medical ...

What qualifications does a Radiologist need? | Two Views


See two views of what qualifications radiologist require through sound facts with ... with additional education and certification, to become a radiologist assistant.

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Research what it takes to become a radiologist. Learn about education requirements, salary, and potential job growth to find out if this is the...

How to Become a Radiology Technician: 15 Steps - wikiHow


Get a high school diploma or a GED. You will need to pursue a higher education to become a radiologic technologist, so you will have to start here if you do not ...