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The Bloods are a primarily, though not exclusively, African American street gang founded in Los Angeles, California. The gang is widely known for its rivalry with the Crips. They are identified by t...

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Without this knowledge, the presence of an active criminal street gang can be ... The Crips have several symbols and hand signs with which they identify ...

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Sep 20, 2009 ... Conflict with the Crips continued and the Bloods found themselves heavily .... This was a brief overview of blood tattoos, sets and codes.

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gang blood symbols | bloods gang graphics and comments ..... Knowledge, there are also about the Blood Gang Signs, Crip Gang Signs, and Gang Hand Signs, ...

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Robert Ballou was not a member of any street gang so the Piru Street Crips had a .... point star symbol from original Chicago Black P Stones but became a Blood set ... Some Blood sets, however, simply use their own unique code words called  ...

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Common symbols associated with the Crip gang include six- and three-point crowns, six-point stars, back-to-back ... What are the Crip Books of Knowledge?

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Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation, the Netas, the Crips, Mara Salvatrucha. ( MS-13), and ... history of the gang, its structure, rules and regulations, oaths and pledges, symbols and emblems ... that an officer's knowledge of gang characteristics will assist in combating gang .... The following numbers are gang codes used.

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The notorious GD gang, short for Gangster Disciples, uses the six-point star as its ... Crip Gang Codes Symbols Knowledge · Folk Six Point Stars · Gang Signs ...

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He spoke Knowledge and showed me signs. ... Note $ Tha Gangsta Disciples Is Not Some LA Crip GanG But Instead Were An ChiCaGo ... Numbers & Symbols

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... Read Each & Every Book of Knowledge; BK – Blood Killer; CK – Crip Killer; BOS – Brothers of the .... The Dragon was the code name for the organization, which is why the Dragon had three heads. ... The six-point star was David's disciples symbol. ... The Yellow Brick Road has two reasons for being in Folk Knowledge 1.

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Mar 29, 2010 ... The Crips are a primarily, but not exclusively, African American gang founded in Los Angeles California in 1969 mainly by 16-year-old ...

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Aug 11, 2010 ... The "8 ball GANGSTER CRIPS" IS A crips CARD part of the Folks Nation AND USE ... hoods you will see both Crip and Gangster Disciple graffiti and gang culture. ..... devotion and it was to be a symbol of recongnition to members ship but to them it had no meaning ..... CRIP knowledge and codes OATH

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Crip 4, Gang Image, Crips Gang, Gang Signs, Blue Board, Hell Yea, Shann, ..... Egyptian ornaments and symbols/good for color choices for embroidery ..... Bloods 031, Bloods 100, Bloods Gang, Red Gang, Gang Gang, Knowledge Blood, Piru ...