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Its purpose is to see if, yes, your child is experiencing a developmental delay. ... your state defines developmental delay, as well as the criteria of eligibility for ...

Developmental Delay - Minnesota Department of Education


For complete information regarding disability criteria requirements, refer to Minnesota Rule 3525.1351. Developmental Delay (Three through Six Years of Age).

Developmental Delay | CDE


Definition: A child with a developmental delay shall be three through eight years of age and who is experiencing developmental delays in one or more of the ...

How is Developmental Delay Diagnosed? | My Child Without Limits


Developmental delay can be difficult to diagnose. There are two types of tests that can be done, developmental screening and developmental evaluation.

Eligibility of a Child with Developmental Delay - Colorado ...


Developmental Delay. ECEA Disability Category, Definition. and Eligibility Criteria. CDE Eligibility Training Slides. April 2013. Vision. All students in Colorado ...



DEVELOPMENTAL DELAY. 1. Definition. Developmental Delay refers to children aged three (3) through nine (9) who are experiencing developmental delays ...

Eligibility: Determining Whether a Child is Eligible for Special ...


Sep 12, 2013 ... If the state decides to allow eligibility based on developmental delay, ... the eligibility criteria used by their State and Local Education Agencies.

Early Childhood Developmental Delay (ECDD)


Some children at a young age might have a delay in their development, but not meet the specific requirements of any other of Michigan's eligibility labels.

Developmental Delay Eligibility Determination Form

education.ky.gov/specialed/excep/Documents/Developmental Delay Eligibility Determination Form.doc

Developmental Delay (DD) ... The student meets the eligibility criteria for developmental delay, which adversely impacts his/her education, and is eligible for ...

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The current eligibility criteria for significant developmental delay under state law is found at PI 11.36 (11), Wis. Admin. Code. If a student is found to have an ...