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Get the name of the current file - Vim Tips Wiki - Wikia


Register % contains the name of the current file, and register # contains the name of the alternate file. These registers allow the name of the current or alternate ...

php - Get the current script file name - Stack Overflow


If I have PHP script, how can I get the filename from inside that script? ... Just use the PHP magic constant __FILE__ to get the current filename.

status line - How can I see the full path of the current file? - Vi and ...


Feb 3, 2015 ... You can use :!ls %:p to get the full path to the current file. ... When shelling out, it represents the file path relative to the current directory.

Open file relative to current file - features - Atom Discussion


Compared to Sublime, the behavior with opening files is imho a bit impractical in atom. It alwas opens the folder in the tree menu, but I would suggest it would ...

Go: How to Get the Directory of the Current File - Andrew Brookins


May 19, 2012 ... In Python I often use the __file__ constant to get the directory of the current file ( e.g., os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__)) ). While writing ...

Manipulating Files in Your Current Working Directory


Copy a file, cp, cp filename destination, Copies the file filename to the location destination. List Directory Contents, ls, ls, The ls command lists files in the current  ...

Vim: use the path of the current file - Super User


Mar 3, 2011 ... In Vim, how can I capture the path of the current file? I know that the % register contains the name of the current file, but I want the path, so I can ...

Using the Current File Position (Windows Drivers) - MSDN - Microsoft


When you create or open a file, you can cause the I/O manager to create a current file-position pointer that is associated with the file handle. Once you have  ...

Go Get Path To Current File (Example) - Coderwall


May 17, 2013 ... I recently needed to get the current file absolute path from a go file. You first need to get the runtime package which is a part of Go

Path of the Current File in PHP < Articles < PHP < Bin-Co


There are various methods of find the path of the current file in PHP. But the problem is to find one that is consistent across all servers. The following is a list of  ...

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Set working directory to the current file - Vim Tips Wiki - Wikia


If wanted, Vim can automatically set its global current directory to match the location of the current file, or each window can have its own local current directory.

Gets the current working directory - PHP


Returns the current working directory on success, or FALSE on failure. .... because the current working dir will be set to '/', and the file '/otherfile.php' does not ...

Finding Usages in the Current File - JetBrains


Jul 20, 2016 ... Finding Usages in the Current File. To find usages of a symbol in the current file. Click the desired symbol in the editor, or in the Structure view.