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Dichloroacetic acid

Dichloroacetic acid, often abbreviated DCA, is the chemical compound with ... there is currently insufficient evidence to support the use of DCA for cancer ...

More On Dichloroacetate (DCA) In Cancer Treatment

May 14, 2010 ... When first reported in early 2007, a research paper started a worldwide firestorm of interest and debate about the use of DCA in cancer ...

The DCA Site - Updating You on DCA and Cancer - Dichloroacetic ...

DCA and Cancer DCA as a Cancer Treatment - Sodium Dichloroacetate ... Italian research paper indicates DCA effective against neuroblastoma Link Author ...

DCA: true cancer miracle or fraud? Future of cancer research ...

Jan 1, 2014 ... I offer below a critical assessment and summary of review findings as to the status of anticancer benefit from dichloroacetate (DCA), alone or in ...

Dichloroacetate (DCA) Causes Cancer Cells to Self-Destruct - Mercola

Aug 4, 2012 ... According to laboratory experiments, the synthetic cancer drug dichloroacetate ( DCA) shows promise in fighting against cancer by killing ...

Dichloroacetate - How To Buy and Use DCA For Cancer

You can now buy DCA (dichloroacetate) online. Fast shipping to ANY country. Learn how to use DCA to treat any cancer. Order DCA now!

Sodium Dichloroacetate or DCA as an alternative cancer treatment

An article about Sodium Dichloroacetate or DCA and its use as a cancer treatment, especially with glioblastoma.

Potential cancer drug DCA tested in early trials - Cancer Research ...

May 12, 2010 ... Before we jump to conclusions and hail DCA as a 'wonder drug', we need to look at the science behind the headlines.

It's Okay To Be Smart • Let's talk about dichloroacetate and cancer

A very early clinical trial of this drug in 5 people with a cancer called glioblastoma were given DCA and their tumors shrunk. But they were also taking a cancer ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What about DCA? (cancer treatment)
A: What about it? If you'd ever had cancer, you would know it's not a cancer treatment. This is from a science blog: "I bought DCA from and had it teste... Read More »
Q: What do cancer researchers think about the prospects of DCA as a ...
A: I found the following article which seems to have the best explanation and best context I've been able to find: http://www.sciencebasedme. dicine. Here are two ... Read More »
Q: Have you heard of dca cancer cure what do you think of this?
A: I doubt it is the miracle 'cure' that everyone pins their hopes on . . but it may prove to be a treatment or part treatment for some types of cancer. It's bigge... Read More »
Q: Is DCA a viable option for terminally breast cancer?
A: PLEASE, don't subject your mother to DCA - it can be very toxic, if not life threatening. If you want some solid information by bc patients/survivors, please go... Read More »
Q: Please if anyone heard about DCA- dichloracetate used in cancer t...
A: And even for those with very good pharmacology experience, certain illnesses or body biochemistries can make taking some drugs a bit of a lottery. You need your... Read More »