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Damage Caused by a Tornado
Tornadoes are exceedingly violent and dangerous funnel clouds that have rotation and high wind speeds that come in contact with the earth. Tornadoes typically have speeds between 65 and 250 mph. Tornadoes usually take the shape of a funnel cloud and... More »
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A typical tornado has winds of 110 mph (180 km/h) or less, ... follow a life cycle which causes the same tornado to change in ...


Apr 24, 2017 ... What Are Tornadoes? Tornadoes are categorized by the damage they do to trees and structures. Tornadoes are exceedingly violent and ...


So, if you hear a report of an F-3 tornado heading your way, you can be assured that it will cause serious damage to the structures in its path, whereas an F-0 ...


Tornadoes can produce the strongest winds on earth, close to 300 miles per hour ... wide, their destructive path can cause damage a mile wide for over 50 miles.


According to infoplease, tornadoes can cause very minimal damage, such as ripping siding off of homes, to catastrophic damage, which can literally lift homes  ...


On April 3-4, 1974, 148 twisters struck 13 states, causing more than 300 deaths, ... The Fujita scale classifies tornadoes according to the damage they cause.


Learn basic tornado facts and review Missouri's tornado history. ... which form over warm water. They can move onshore and cause damage to coastal areas.


Jun 22, 2017 ... A tornado ripped through part of Fairfield, AL, injuring 4 people and ... A tornado has caused significant damage in Fairfield, Alabama. PHOTO: ...