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Taraxacum is a large genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae which consists of ... After flowering is finished, the dandelion flower head dries out for a day or two. The dried petals and ...

Dandelion: A Pesky Weed or a Beneficial Flower?


There are also many uses for the dandelion flower itself by drying the plant and ... Is Dandelion an unwanted weed or a beautiful healing flower that pops up in ...

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Jun 6, 2010 ... Time lapse dandelion flower to seed head /dandelion clock filmed continuously over a period of one month. Filmed for my website ...

Dandelion Flower Meaning | Flower Meaning


Jun 17, 2016 ... You might curse it as a weed when it pops up in your lawn, but the Dandelion is beautiful and full of symbolism nonetheless. This cheerful little ...

The Biology of Dandelions - NatureNorth.com


OK, let's get one of the most pressing aspects of Dandelion biology out of the way first, ... whose flowers look like classic Dandelion flowers, but which have quite ...

Dandelion Flower Health Benefits | Real Food For Life


Jun 4, 2012 ... In the west, we consider dandelions to be weeds, but in many societies, this beautiful flower is considered an important medicinal herb.

Five Things You Need to Know About Dandelions ...


Aug 11, 2010 ... I wrote about dandelions and the paradox that some people (particularly children ) think they are beautiful flowers that should be included in ...

Please eat the dandelions: 9 edible garden weeds : TreeHugger


Mar 28, 2014 ... edible weeds: Dandelion flowers. CC BY 3.0 ugod. All too often, homeowners and gardeners wage war in their lawns and gardens against the ...

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Dandelion Flower


The dandelion is the only flower that represents the 3 celestial bodies of the sun, moon and stars. The yellow flower resembles the sun, the puff ball resembles ...

Dandelion: Pictures, Flowers, Leaves and Identification | Taraxacum


Dandelion (Taraxacum) is wild, edible and nutritious food. Identify dandelion via its pictures, habitat, height, flowers and leaves.

Dandelion Flower Facts
Viewed by some people as a weed and others as a beneficial herb, dandelions are a ubiquitous garden presence no matter how you see them. Learning the facts about this flower will help you know what to do with it, whether to dig it up or add it to your... More »
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