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for Tax Pros ... Gross Receipts Defined. Gross receipts are the total amounts the organization received from all sources during its annual accounting period, ...

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A tax term relating to the total business revenue from services provided that must be reported for the fiscal period. Gross receipts do not account for sales returns ...

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Gross receipts means the total amount of money or other consideration received from the above activities. Although the gross receipts tax is imposed on ...

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Gross receipts and gross sales both define the total amount of money that your ... However, each state may set its own definitions of specific tax terms, so if ...

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If you charge your customers sales tax, your income is not affected by passing the amount to the state. The gross receipts tax, on the other hand, is based on ...

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Aug 6, 2016 ... What is a gross receipts tax, what is taxable, how this tax is different from a VAT tax, and which states impose a gross receipts tax.

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Definition of gross receipts tax: Business tax levied on the total revenue of some firms (such as utilities) instead of on the net income.

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Definition of gross receipts: Total revenue (including interest and rents) before ... from the sales of fixed assets and withholding taxes collected from the employees .

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www.revenue.pa.gov/GeneralTaxInformation/Tax Types and Information/Pages/Corporation Taxes/Gross Receipts Tax.aspx

Various gross receipts taxes are imposed upon private bankers; pipeline, conduit , steamboat, canal, slack water navigation and transportation companies; ...

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Q. What is the Delaware Gross Receipts Tax? A. Delaware's Gross Receipts Tax is a tax on the total gross revenues of a business, regardless of their source.

Gross receipts tax
A gross receipts tax or gross excise tax is a tax on the total gross revenues of a company, regardless of their source. A gross receipts tax is similar to a sales tax,  ... More »