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Knockout mouse

A knockout mouse or knock-out mouse is a genetically modified mouse in which researchers have inactivated, or "knocked out", an existing gene by replacing it ...

Knockout Mice Fact Sheet

A knockout mouse is a laboratory mouse in which researchers have inactivated, or "knocked out," an existing gene by replacing it or disrupting it with an artificial ...

Knock-out mice | definition of Knock-out mice by Medical dictionary mice

a small rodent, various species of which are used in laboratory experiments. 1. a small loose body. 2. a computer pointing device. joint mouse a movable ...

Gene knockout in mice :: DNA Learning Center

This brown or agouti colored mouse is the type of mouse that we derive ... These are what we commonly call “knockout mice”, and these are the ones we.

What's the difference between mice with a 'knockout' and 'transgenic ...

Aug 22, 2013 ... As of now a lot of people define such an animal as a one with eliminated ... Knockout mice = removal/masking/inhibiting of specific endogenous ...

CMC Activity Center : Transgenic and Knockout Mice : Approaches

Transgenic and Knockout Mouse - Approaches ... By definition, transgenesis is the introduction of DNA from one species into the genome of another species.

Conditional Knockout Mouse Model | Tissue Specific | genOway

A tissue-specific conditional Knockout defines a biological model in which a target gene can be specifically inactivated in specific tissue(s); in all other tissues,  ...

Homolgous Recombination & Knockout Mouse - Biology Department

When an investigator wants to replace one allele with an engineered construct but not affect any other locus in the genome, then the method of choice is ...

Overview: Generation of Gene Knockout Mice

The most common application of gene targeting is to produce knockout mice, where a drug resistance marker replaces an essential coding region in a genetic  ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What are knockout mice?
A: Knockout mice are transgenic mice whose genetic code has been altered by the insertion of foreign genetic material into their DNA. Using this technology, resear... Read More »
Q: What are "knockout mice"?
A: A knockout mouse is a genetically engineered mouse one or more of whose genes have been made inoperable. Knockout is a route to learning about a gene that has b... Read More »
Q: Where can you buy knockout mice?
A: Knockout mice are made in research laboratories or can be obtained from specialized companies such as: Taconic Read More »
Q: How are knockout mice used for modelling obesity in humans?
A: The above answer is talking about a real example, however I think what you're asking is more about what a genetic knockout is and how it could be used to study ... Read More »
Q: How are gene knockout mice useful in determining the function of ...
A: A gene knockout is a genetic technique in Read More »