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a wave that is formed when a sound is made and that moves through the air and carries the sound to your ear. Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary.

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A sound wave is the pattern of disturbance caused by the movement of energy traveling through a medium (such as air, water, or any other liquid or solid matter)  ...

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Sound wave definition, a longitudinal wave in an elastic medium, especially a wave producing an audible sensation. See more.

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The definition of a sound wave is a pressure caused by the vibration of something in a medium that transfers energy, like air. An example of a sound wave is a ...

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Sound is a mechanical wave that results from the back and forth vibration of the particles of the medium through which the sound wave is moving. If a sound ...

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This lesson will explain what sound waves are, discuss features of sound waves, and provide some examples and uses they have in everyday life. A...

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In longitudinal waves the displacement of the medium is parallel to the propagation of the wave. A wave in a "slinky" is a good visualization. Sound waves in air ...

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We know that waves are the produced disturbance which are formed by vibration and travel through a medium. There are different types of waves like transverse ...

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An introduction to sound waves with illustrations and explanations. Includes examples of simple wave forms.

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A purely subjective definition of sound is also possible, as that which... ... Sound propagates through air or other mediums as a longitudinal wave, in which the ...

sound wave
a longitudinal wave in an elastic medium, especially a wave producing an audible sensation.
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In physics, sound is a vibration that propagates as a typically audible mechanical wave of pressure and displacement, through a medium such as air or water. More »
sound wave | Define sound wave at Dictionary.com
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