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Stalinism definition, the principles of communism associated with Joseph Stalin, characterized especially by the extreme suppression of dissident political or ...

Stalinist | Define Stalinist at Dictionary.com


Stalinist definition, of or relating to Joseph Stalin or Stalinism. See more.

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the political, economic, and social principles and policies associated with Stalin; especially : the theory and practice of communism developed by Stalin from ...

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BIBLIOGRAPHY. What is Stalinism? It is not the same as Communism. For if all Communist regimes were Stalinistic, how could one distinguish between Joseph  ...

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The bureaucratic, authoritarian exercise of state power and mechanistic application of Marxist-Leninist principles associated with Stalin.

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Stalinism is the name given to the political and economic system which Joseph Stalin implemented ... The main contributions of Stalin to communist theory were:.

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The ideology and policies adopted by Stalin, based on centralization, .... Meaning , pronunciation and example sentences, English to English reference content.

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Definition of “Stalinism” | The official Collins English Dictionary online. Comprehensive and authoritative, rely on Collins for up-to-date English with insights into ...

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That makes getting at the core definition of “Stalinism” difficult, but not impossible. ... The political tenets of Stalinism revolve around the theory of socialism in one ...

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Top Definition. stalin. The man responsible for the most deaths caused worldwide . This is hardly recognized, and those he killed were his own people, and those ...

the principles of communism associated with Joseph Stalin, characterized especially by the extreme suppression of dissident political or ideological views, the concentration of power in one person, and an aggressive international policy.
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Stalinism is the means of governing and related policies implemented by Joseph Stalin. Stalinist policies in the Soviet Union included state terror, rapid ... More »
Stalinism | Define Stalinism at Dictionary.com
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