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P680, or Photosystem II primary donor refers to either of the two special chlorophyll dimers ... This electron is subsequently captured by the primary electron acceptor, a pheophytin molecule located within photosystem II near P680.


Photosystems are functional and structural units of protein complexes involved in photosynthesis that together carry out the primary photochemistry of photosynthesis: the absorption of light and the ... in the reaction-center chlorophyll are excited to a higher energy level and are trapped by the primary electron acceptors.


Dec 11, 2016 ... Click here to search on 'Primary Electron Acceptor' or equivalent… Click on ... Pop Quiz – test your biology titude → define "fimbriae (fimbria)"


Nov 27, 2008 ... Definition ... An electron acceptor is an oxidizing agent and is itself reduced during the ... See also: redox reaction, electron transport chain.


Abstract. The properties of the component 'X' identified as the primary electron acceptor of Photosystem I in spinach was investigated by ...


When the electron arrives at photosystem I, another photon of light is absorbed, and energized electrons are channeled to a primary electron acceptor, which ...


The high-energy electron is passed to an acceptor molecule and replaced with .... it is raised to an excited state, meaning that one of its electrons is boosted to a ... The primary electron acceptor of PSII is pheophytin, an organic molecule that ...


Electron Transfer Pathway from Water to NADP in photosynthesis. ... of the photon of light; Pheo for pheophytin molecule (the primary electron acceptor of PSII; ...


Oct 21, 2007 ... Definition ... Complex of proteins associated with two special chlorophyll a molecules and a primary electron acceptor. Located centrally in a ...