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Productivity (ecology) - Wikipedia


In ecology, productivity or production refers to the rate of generation of biomass in an ... Secondary production is sometimes defined to only include consumption of primary producers by herbivorous...

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Secondary consumer definition, (in the food chain) a carnivore that feeds only upon herbivores. See more.

What are secondary producers - Answers.com


Secondary producers are animals that consume plants or even others animal and, therefore, are heterotrauph.

secondary productivity | biology | Britannica.com


The rate at which these consumers convert the chemical energy of their food into their own biomass is called secondary productivity. The efficiency at which ...

Secondary Consumers: Definition & Examples - Video & Lesson ...


Learn all about secondary consumers and their place in the food pyramid. We will look at examples of secondary consumers. There is a short quiz to...

secondary production Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary


secondary production meaning, definition, what is secondary production: the manufacturing of goods rather than producing raw materials. Learn more.

PRimaRy and SecondaRy PRoduceRS - COINAtlantic


concentration. Zooplankton, which are secondary producers and primary consum - .... in both salinity and temperature means that simple predictions based.

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Secondary production is an ecosystem (energy flow) concept that is .... rate of biomass turnover: an annual P/B of 30 means that the population replaces its own ...

Secondary producer definition | Social Science Dictionary


Secondary producer according to the free Social Science Dictionary = An industry that, in addition to producing its primary product, also produces other goods or ...