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Academics definition, of or relating to a college, academy, school, or other educational institution, especially one for higher education: academic requirements.

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a person who is a teacher in a college or university. academics : courses of study taken at a school or college. Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary.

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College or university courses and studies: "Academics are a much more important priority to him than athletics" (Gerald McIntosh). American Heritage® ...

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1.2(Of an institution or a course of study) placing a greater emphasis on reading and study than on technical or practical work: a very academic school aiming to ...

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academic definition, meaning, what is academic: relating to schools, colleges, and universities, or connected with studying and thinking…. Learn more.

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Define academic and get synonyms. What is academic? academic meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.

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The definition of academic is something or someone that is considered to be scholarly. An example of academic is what a teacher would write on the report card ...

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Something that is academic is related to school. Your parents might want to spend less time playing video games and more time focusing on academic pursuits.

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Academics are defined as the courses or subjects of learning. An example of academics is the study of math and science. The definition of academics are ...

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Academic | belonging or relating to a place of learning, esp a college, university, or academy | Definition, pronunciation, examples & translations.

of or relating to a college, academy, school, or other educational institution, especially one for higher education: academic requirements.
pertaining to areas of study that are not primarily vocational or applied, as the humanities or pure mathematics.
theoretical or hypothetical; not practical, realistic, or directly useful: an academic question; an academic discussion of a matter already decided.
learned or scholarly but lacking in worldliness, common sense, or practicality.
conforming to set rules, standards, or traditions; conventional: academic painting.
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academics | Define academics at Dictionary.com
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