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the state of being a base.
the power of an acid to react with bases, dependent on the number of replaceable hydrogen atoms of the acid.
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Basicity definition, the state of being a base. See more.


The definition of basicity is the condition of being a base, or the difficulty for an acid to react with a base determined by the number of hydrogen atoms that can be ...


Definitions : Arrenhius, Bronsted, Lewis; Acidity : Ka and pKa; Common acids in organic chemistry; Basicity; Common bases in organic chemistry. Remember ...


For Brønsted bases it means the tendency of a compound to act as hydron ( proton) acceptor. The basicity of a chemical species is normally expressed by the  ...


However, Ammonia (which is a Lewis base) has the highest basicity. Further, quickly Google search of the definition of basicity states: “Basicity ...


Basicity is measured on a scale called the pH scale. On this scale, a pH value of 7 is neutral, and a pH value of more than 7 to 14 shows increasing basicity.


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