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Boston Massacre definition, a riot in Boston (March 5, 1770) arising from the resentment of Boston colonists toward British troops quartered in the city, in which ...

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Artwork depicting the Boston Massacre. Licensed from iStockPhoto. noun. The definition of the Boston Massacre was a fight of colonial citizens against Britain in  ...

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The Meaning and Definition of the Boston Massacre; The events during the Boston Massacre; The effects of the Boston Massacre; Fast and easy to understand ...

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The Boston Massacre deepened American distrust of the British military ... Definition: Shooting of five American colonists by British troops on March 5, 1770.

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On the cold, snowy night of March 5, 1770, a mob of American colonists gathers at the Customs House in Boston and begins taunting the British soldiers ...

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Find out more about the history of Boston Massacre, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the facts on ...

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On March 5, 1770, English soldiers fired into a crowd of angry colonists, killing five. Two of the soldiers were later found guilty of manslaughter. LIBRARY OF ...

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Kids learn about the Boston Massacre where five colonies were killed by the British. Major event in the American Revolutionary War.

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The Boston Massacre was not really a massacre, but more like a riot. In fact only five ... Whenever the word propaganda is used it means the truth is stretched ...

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Boston Massacre, 1770, pre-Revolutionary incident growing out of the resentment against the British troops sent to Boston to maintain order and to enforce the ...

Boston Massacre
The Boston Massacre, known as the Incident on King Street by the British, was an incident on March 5, 1770, in which British Army soldiers killed five male ... More »
Boston Massacre
a riot in Boston (March 5, 1770) arising from the resentment of Boston colonists toward British troops quartered in the city, in which the troops fired on the mob and killed several persons.
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