deviating from the usual or proper course in conduct or opinion; eccentric; queer: erratic behavior.
having no certain or definite course; wandering; not fixed: erratic winds.
Geology noting or pertaining to a boulder or the like carried by glacial ice and deposited some distance from its place of origin.
(of a lichen) having no attachment to the surface on which it grows.
an erratic or eccentric person.
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Glacial erratic

A glacial erratic is a piece of rock that differs from the size and type of rock native to the area in which it rests. "Erratics" take their name from the Latin word errare ...

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acting, moving, or changing in ways that are not expected or usual : not consistent or regular. Top 10 words to win with in SCRABBLE » ...

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The adjective erratic describes things that are unpredictable, unusual, and that deviate from the norm. An erratic quarterback might completely confuse his ...

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The definition of erratic is something that is not consistent or is lacking in a fixed course. A mental patient who behaves in a wildly unpredictable manner, happy ...

Erratic - definition of erratic by The Free Dictionary

Having no fixed or regular course; wandering: the erratic flight of a moth. 2. Lacking consistency, regularity, or uniformity: an erratic heartbeat. 3. Deviating from ...

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Aug 27, 2015 ... erratic definition, meaning, what is erratic: moving or behaving in a way that is not regular, certain, or expected: . Learn more.

erratic - definition of erratic in English from the Oxford dictionary

(also erratic block or boulder) Geology A rock or boulder that differs from the surrounding rock and is believed to have been brought from a distance by glacial  ...

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Definition of “erratic” | The official Collins English Dictionary online. Comprehensive and authoritative, rely on Collins for up-to-date English with insights into ...

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Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word erratic. Information about erratic in the dictionary, synonyms and ...

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Q: What is the definition of erratically?
A: Erratically:1:in an erratic unpredictable Read More »
Q: What is definition of erratic?
A: Erratic:1:liable to sudden unpredictable change; 2:having no fixed course; 3:likely to Read More »
Q: What is the definition of erratic?
A: having no fixed course : wandering <an comet> b archaic nomadic transported from an original resting place especially by a glacier <an boulder> 3 a characterized by lack of consisten... Read More »
Q: What's the definition of erratically?
A: erratically: in an erratic unpredictable manner Read More »
Q: What is the definition of erratic?
A: erratic: liable to sudden unpredictable change; having no fixed course; likely to perform unpredictably Read More »