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Nonperishable definition, not subject to rapid deterioration or decay: A supply of nonperishable food was kept for emergencies. See more.

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nonperishable: Definition and Pronunciation. ... not subject to rapid deterioration or decay: A supply of nonperishable food was kept for emergencies. —n.

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Nonperishable food items are typically commercial foods that have long shelf lives. They do not spoil or go bad unless the package is opened or punctured.

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Jan 27, 2015 ... Non-perishable foods have a long shelf life and don't require refrigeration. Food drives for homeless shelters or disaster response efforts ...

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non·per·ish·a·ble adj. Not readily subject to spoilage or decay. pl.n. nonperishables Items, especially prepackaged or preprocessed foods, that are ...

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Non-perishable food does not rot or decay without refrigeration. Canned goods, flour, dry .... What is the meaning of non perishable foods? Basically, things that ...

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Keeping three days of non-perishable food, of course, should be part of your disaster preparation, too. Glenn D. Braunstein, M.D.: Lesson From Japan: For Your ...

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Define perishable: likely to spoil or decay quickly : not likely to stay fresh for a long time if ... likely to spoil or decay <Remember to refrigerate perishable foods. > ...

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Mar 26, 2009 ... Perishable foods are those likely to spoil, decay or become unsafe to consume if not kept refrigerated at 40 F° (4.4 °C) or below or frozen at 0 F° ...

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We always welcome the cup of noodles as those can be most helpful to get that “ warm” food in their tummies. The fact that these meals are non perishable mean ...

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Definition of nonperishable written for English Language Learners from the ... nonperishable /nɑnˈpɛrɪʃəbəl/ adjective ... nonperishable food items. [+] more  ...

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Some examples of non-perishable foods include peanut butter, crackers, canned fruits, ... Vegan food is defined as any food that does not contain animal pro.

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Definition of nonperishable ... Definitions. adjectivenot liable to rot or wither ⇒ nonperishable food/goods/items ... Word usage trends for “nonperishable”.